Discover (and save!) On Air Now. Guess the Movie from the Emoji! How about guess the movie from the emoji? Harry Potter Book Emoji Quiz . Do you like smilies? New, 11 comments By Andrew Liptak , Chaim Gartenberg , Loren Grush , T.C. Frozen. The best emoji quizzes! When you get stuck, you have hints to reveal the most left letters or you can ask your friends on Facebook. Top 5 Quiz #18 June 30, 2020. Name the films and TV shows in our emoji quiz Tally up the Oscar nominated films, TV shows, Disney films and musical films for a top score of 39 points - and good luck! Guess the Shadow! Don your (great mouse) detective cap and put your deciphering skills to the test to see if you can name the movie from just a series of emojis. Heart's Feel Good Weekend with Lilah Parsons 10pm - 1am. 128 level movie category. This Emoji movie quiz is the best way to keep boredom at bay - can you crack it? Can you speak fluent emoji? So we’ve dusted off a daily emoji quiz to hopefully ward off the boredom. Here are the 3 options. ... How is your emoji-decoding game? Answers. Questions Settings ... During the Quiz End of Quiz. 3/8. Download Guess The Emoji – Movies Edition: Guess Emoji Movies Answers Level 1. It's time to find out. your own Pins on Pinterest (Answers below.) All intellectual property rights in and to Emoji Quiz are owned by Mangoo Games, including copyrighted images and trademarks from Emoji Quiz. The game tests your skills of identifying emojis and recognizing their meaning. ... Take the quiz below and if you're lost for answers, they can be found below. Emoji … Geography Quiz #19 July 2, 2020. Print Here: Test your festive song knowledge with this fun quiz. Movie Quiz Pop – A Movie Guessing Trivia Games of the Movies of the 80’s 90’s and Now. Emoji Quiz, Emoji Puzzle, Guess the emoji Memory Round. Can you guess the emoji? Can you guess the Christmas songs from the emojis? 8 December 2020, 10:53 | Updated: 8 December 2020, 10:57. Each quiz has just 10 emoji phrases, and you’ve got to guess what they represent. Start. Find the emoji and click your answer, unlimited fun, 100 's of emoji logo icons. You can print it or save it to print later. Men in Black. Guess the Harry Potter characters in our emoji quiz From Hogwarts students to adorable house elves (a hint for you there), take our Harry Potter emoji quiz April 02, 2020 - 12:47 BST Can you guess the Harry Potter book from 5 emoji hints? The words may require emoji objects like pineapples, cars ️ and activities like working out️. Polar Express. Kung Fu Panda. Guess Emoji Quiz Online is a puzzle game that tests your knowledge about emojis, your logical and reasoning skills. Top 5 Quiz #19 July 1, 2020. Quiz: Guess the Disney Movie Based on the Emojis. This post will share out answers for all the levels so that you can get more coins and beat your friends! Ready to guess the movie? Movie Quiz – Cinema Guess What is the Movie! Try our tricky festive quiz. Our new mobile-friendly web app provides a simple, beautiful emoji copy and paste keyboard interface WITH search and auto-copy technology. Here is an emoji games challenge that 95% of people fail to pass! You will probably want to make this a race to see which player can answer all of them first. Match Game: 1960s Best Pictures 1,324; Match Game: 1950s Best Pictures 920; Match Game: 2000s Top Box Office Stars 800; Match Game: 1990s Top Box Office Stars 790; Match Game: 1980s Top Box Office Stars 766; Match Game: 1970s Top Box Office Stars 711; Match Game: 1940s Best Pictures 679; Obscure Knowledge - James Bond Movies 628; Match … Experience the best trivia, guess the emoji game that resembles real life situations. These puzzles will work out your brain and help you stay concentrated during the day. Just click on this thumbnail and a bigger image will open up. Kung Fu Panda. Can you guess the word by the emoji? Ask the players to guess the name of the famous music band with the help of the emojis and write it down in front of the emoji clues. Let's go! See more ideas about emoji quiz, emoji quiz games, emoji puzzle. A new set of cool guess the emoji games, emoji quiz challenges, movie quiz games and so much more! My family have been sharing various emoji quizzes between ourselves, so I decided to make a few myself. July 23, 2020 - … 107 level movie category. Monster Trivia Quiz Game Pro – Pokemon Fan Edition. 2/8. Also give the players a pen or pencil to write with. I’ve got quite a bit of spare time, so I actually made the effort to design a proper layout, and look reasonably good. 105 level movie category. Click on the image to view the answer. 1. You are gonna love it. Let's find out who achieves the highest level. Everything! Play as. This adorable game design is decorated with a cute Santa and an adorable Christmas tree. Guess the Pics Emoji Quiz – A 4 to 1 Word Guessing Brain Games. Total 400+ challenging levels emoji guessing quiz for movies edition, like Spiderman, Harry Potter. Emoji Christmas Guessing Games: You can print these out from here. This is the first printable for this Christmas Emoji Pictionary Quiz. Emoji Quiz is trivia game developed by Mangoo Games, available for free on iOS. 13 level movie category. We all know this quiz would be too easy if we just showed you a picture of the movie, so let's see if you can solve all of our Disney movie emoji puzzles! Emoji Quiz #1. by Tom @ The Pub Quiz Bros. Like this: Like Loading... YouTube; Facebook; Twitter; Latest. ... A really tough Tube station quiz ... And while with some of the clues each emoji represents a different part of the word or words in the station name, in others the emojis collectively describe the station stop. Now Playing. skip to navigation. Rush Hour. Print the PDFs here. The fiendishly difficult brainteaser is challenging Brits to name the city from the clues in a ‘say what see’ style quiz. Then take our quiz! Emoji Quiz movie answers - UPDATED! Just click on a letter to select it for your answer in guess the emojiquiz. More Harry Potter Book Quizzes. Silence of the lambs Just click on an emoji to copy it to the clipboard and then paste it anywhere. Sequential Easy First Hard First. Pop Culture Quiz. Each level has a set of emojis between two and six along with hints that indicates the category of the question. In this trivia quiz, there will be smileys sad faces tears of joy and many more! | Emoji Movie Quiz Can you translate emojis? Quiz Flashcard. Heart. Jul 19, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Kate Demsey. 7 Questions | By Rpp58 | Last updated: Aug 28, 2020 | Total Attempts: 700 . Can you guess the movie as told by emoji? Difficulty. *insert thinking face emoji* Obsessed with travel? Print this emoji quiz in the design of your choice and distribute among the players. 11 level movie category. Here are some fun emoji puzzles that will test your brain! 1/8. Jingle All the Way. Tap on the icon below to download the game on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Date - August 08, 2019 emoji movie quiz printable emoji quiz printable emoji quiz printable pdf emoji quiz printable with answers free printable emoji quiz Everyone Is Going Nuts Over This Fiendishly Hard Emoji Quiz Pr You can choose from Christmas movies or Christmas songs (or play both). Use MENU to change the language! Very simple to use, scratch your smartphone screen to find out what is de logo behind, you can guess movies, places, cities, monuments, flags, jokes, things. The seriously hard Tube map emoji challenge - can you work out all 14 answers? A list of emoji for easy access with an extensive search functionality. You will want one copy for each person. This website is not affiliated with Mangoo Games in any way. 129 level movie category. We've got the emoji quiz you're looking for. Posted 5 years Ago. The BFG. … We've put some number one songs from the '70s, '80s and '90s into emojis, see if you can correctly guess which tunes they are... We've taken a selection of chart-topping tunes from the 1970s, 1980s and the 1990s, and put them into cryptic emoji clues. Apr 1, 2020 - Explore Che Haber's board "Emoji quiz games" on Pinterest. Try and crack these codes and guess the movie from the emoji with our emoji movie quiz! Sports Quiz #15 July 3, 2020. 108 level movie category. The four different topics I chose were: This is a brand new emoji quiz and the most fun ever. Home Alone. Guess the emojis that suit the given sentence and score! Top User Quizzes in Movies. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Last week, we offered an emoji quiz of the best festive treats to give you some inspiration of what to stream – as well as giving your minds a little work out.