It definitely has blue undertones, but it also has a hint of a lavender undertone for a unique look. Whereas SW Dover White has creamy yellow undertones and is also dirtier than SW Ice Cube. This color works well with accent colors like tan, grey or green, so you can be creative with furnishings and décor options. White Flour is a warm white with yellow undertones. Incredible White (SW 7028) Source: Sherwin-Williams Check out the Sherwin-Williams Pinterest page for all sorts of color inspiration organized by color, tips, collections and rooms. Click here for black wall inspiration R: 244 G: 239 B: 229 LRV: 87 below image source: Studio McGee I am searching high and low for the best creamy, off white SW paint color for my kitchen cabinets. Graceful and sophisticated, these whites convey a modernity that complements minimalist architecture and streamlined design to perfection. Morning Fog is a bit deeper than Olympus White. 9. Kilim Beige (sw 6106), Latte (sw 6198) and Sea Salt (sw 6204). Second square, top row) Now, that we have distinguished the different undertones,I’d like to focus on a few of my favorite light grays paint colors by Sherwin-Williams that’s are perfect for any interior or exterior project hidden in the “White/off white” section. The camel colored sofa, blue dresser, and gold accents go well together with White Flour in this bedroom. This is a bright shade of white with pale green and grey undertones. Watery (sw 6478) … Sea Salt (sw 6204)… Light French Grey (sw 0055) and Summer White (sw 7557) are tied right now! This color is a clean, fresh, crisp white paint without any yellow undertones. I liked all the real photo examples where I could detect the yellow undertone. So, it can be used as a darker accent wall for Olympus White. Click here for white wall inspiration. Cool has undertones of purple/blue or green (see picture above. Sherwin Williams Pure White (# SW 7005) is up to bat today. But when I opened the can of paint it struck me as very white. If you were to paint Ice Cube and Pearly White walls side by side in a room (perhaps trim and wall color), the room would look off because the undertones do not mix well. While a post entirely devoted to one (white) paint color may sound a trifle dull, it’s anything but that! High Reflective White (SW 7757) Source: Sherwin-Williams. In comparison, SW Pearly White is warmer than Ice Cube and has pink/peachy undertones. Assistant Manager – 3 years. 2003) a great warm shade to paint your walls, but its red-based undertones make it the ideal color for whitewashing brick. Coated from head to toe in Sherwin-Williams' Westhighland White (SW 7566), ... Not only is Farrow & Ball's Pointing (No. Store Manager – 10 years. This color coordinates well with Olympus White (SW6255) as well as Serious Gray (SW6256). I originally wanted SW "creamy" but after looking at some before and afters, it looks a little too white for me. Honied white is a light cream with a vanilla undertone; depending on the light source or time of day, it may appear as a linen yellow on the walls Stain and scuff resistant; do not use on floors Antimicrobial-mildew resistant finish helps maintain a lasting freshly painted appearance in high-moisture areas I wasn’t looking for a white paint, but happened upon SW Creamy as a warm neutral suggestion by another blog. SW 7006 Extra White SW 7014 Eider White SW 7656 Rhinestone SW 7070 Site White SW 6203 Spare White SW 7004 Snowbound Cool Whites The crisp, clean look of cool whites comes from blue, green or violet undertones. Sherwin-Williams White Flour, SW 7102. I’ve curated a few boards as well if you want more photos: Click here for inspiration for easy ways to add color to your home.