What's more, they can not only restrain the Tiger, but also make them rational. Nevada has some of the laxest wildlife laws. Barred tiger salamander or western tiger salamander (Ambystoma mavortium) photo by OpenCage on Wikipedia (use permitted with attribution / share alike). Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. Permit required for "inherently dangerous" animals. Please try again. Lela on April 12, 2019: Can you own a teacup pig? You can keep ferrets and llamas without a permit. Possession of chimpanzee owned before 1/31/2010 allowed with permit obtained before 7/1/2010. ; 220-2-.26; 3-1-3; 9-11-324; 220-2-.154, Bears, monkeys, wolves, and other live game animals, Reindeer, llama, ferret, macaw, alligator, crocodile. Copyright © 2020, Thomson Reuters. Since then, the Dangerous Wild Animal Act has made lions, tigers, bears, elephants, alligators, monkeys, and servals illegal to own, requiring a permit. This list of animals includes bears, coyotes, chimps and other apes, lions, tigers, and many others. Exemptions for persons licensed by the USDA and holding an Animal Welfare Act license; permits required for certain animals, "Inherently dangerous exotic animals": primate, tiger, lion, bear, alligator, honey badger (except those owned prior to 7/13/2005), Alpaca, goat, camel, chinchilla, llama, parrot, toucan, yak, Bear, wolf, tiger, lion, leopard, jaguar, primate, fox, Permit required for persons owning exotic animal prior to effective date of regulation, Bear, moose, wild turkey, deer, lion, cheetah, wolf, monkey, camel, alligator, monk parakeet, mute swan, Emu, domestic ferret, sugar glider, chinchilla allowed without permit, Permits required to possess certain wild animals, Fox, bear, alligator, tiger, leopard, wolf, monkey, certain venomous snakes, skunk, Hedgehog, sugar glider, animals not listed in statute, May keep prohibited animal owned prior to 5/31/2006 if provided written notification to local animal control before 8/1/2006, Non-domesticated, non-hybrid wild animals prohibited unless specifically exempted (e.g. Hello from a tiger in Colorado. Microsoft Edge. If you want to own one of the animals on this state's list of dangerous wild animals, you must register it with the county where the animal resides. The minimum amount of property required to own a tiger is usually five acres, which must be surrounded by a perimeter fence at least 8-feet high. Virginia allows you to keep primates as pets. They instinctively spray urine on everything in their territory, including their owners, to mark their property even if they are spayed or neutered. ; 37-245 & 246, Alligator, crocodile, bat, coyote, fox, raccoon, moose. Class I animals include bears, large cats, rhinos, crocodiles, chimpanzees, and more. It will always be a wild animal. Citation: 301 KY. ADMIN. Animals not designated as "dangerous regulated animals": porcupine, monkey, etc. Zoos and exhibitors may apply for a permit after meeting extensive but practical requirements. (exceptions apply to those owned and registered on or before 1/1/2018), With permit: bison, fox, raccoon, bobcat, beaver, deer, Without permit: monkey, and certain other dangerous animals, Permit or registration required for certain wildlife, With permit: tiger, lion, bear, hyena, wolf, fox, dingo, African elephant, monkey, ferret, wolverine, giraffe, Chimpanzee, gorilla, baboon, wolf, bear, lion, tiger, elephant, rhinoceros, crocodile, alligator, poisonous snakes (exceptions apply), Monkey, ocelot, serval, ferret, chinchilla, llama, alpaca, camel, giraffe, ostrich, kangaroo, bobcat. You are also prohibited from keeping all non-domestic canines and felines, elephants, crocodiles, and more. Other prohibited animals in Montana include apes, bats, gibbons, spider and howler monkeys, opossum, raccoon, nutria, skunk, foxes, crocodilians, pythons, anacondas, red-eared slider turtles, and more. monkey, leopard, wolf), Permit required: "deleterious exotic animals" (e.g. But you'd have to remove their scent glands, the skunk's best line of defense against predators. ; 4-71C; 4-71RA; 4-71RB; 4-71P, "Deleterious exotic animals" (i.e. For Alaska residents, no one can possess, sell, import, or export live game animals (any species of bird, mammal, or reptile, including a feral domestic animal, found or introduced in the state, except domestic birds and mammals). Class II includes howler monkeys, macaques, bobcats, cougars, cheetahs, alligators, wolves, giraffes, and more. Where: 2999 Co Rd 53, Keensburg Cost: $30 The Lowdown: The Wild Animal Sanctuary is home to more than 450 rescued lions, tigers, bears, leopards, … If you're looking to import a wild animal into Wisconsin, you must have an import permit and certificate of veterinary inspection. A veterinarian who has experience with big cats is necessary for the health of the animal. A license is required to own many animals that the state of Texas considers to be dangerous. There are no rules on monkeys and small wild cats, such as ocelots, servals, and bobcats. Wolves allowed with permit. Whether you already own an exotic animal, are thinking about purchasing one, or have been harmed by someone else's pet, contact a personal injury attorney to get a better handle on your state's exotic animal laws. Not anyone can raise a tiger cub because not everyone is allowed to own a tiger cub. ; 87-5-705 et seq. This list includes leopards, jaguars, bears, tigers, coyotes, and wolves. You do not need a permit to own alligators, crocodiles, alpacas, camels, chinchillas, ostriches, sugar gliders, and penguins. Animals that you can have without permits include alpacas, ferrets, bison, camels, chinchillas, emus, ostriches, llamas, lemurs, sugar gliders, and giraffes. Carla Sinclair 10:15 am Wed Jan 13, 2016 Why anyone would want to keep a wild animal like a tiger, monkey or bear as a pet is beyond me. You can get a special permit for a service monkey. Begin typing to search, use arrow keys to navigate, use enter to select, Please enter a legal issue and/or a location. With permit (or without permit if captured in state): Permit required for certain live wildlife, Don't Get Bitten by Your State's Exotic Animal Laws. Primates are not allowed as pets unless they were in possession before 2011 and already registered. You can apply for a permit to keep these prohibited animals. Where: 9162 CR 9 N, Mosca Cost: $15-$100 for adults The Lowdown: It’s exactly how it sounds.At Colorado Gators Reptile Park you will start out learning to catch a … I have many names, but one shape, and that is, me! With permit: anaconda, skink, and other "restricted wild animals". ; 54-701.03; 163/4-008 et seq. To keep venomous snakes or Gila monsters, you need a permit. The community took its name from the Royal Tiger Mines Company. You cannot keep some harmful native animals as pets, including cougars, black bears, raccoons, and bobcats. The email address cannot be subscribed. Dangerous animals include big cats, bears, wild canines, wolverines, primates, elephants, rhinos, hippos, and hyenas. 9-2-7 et seq. Exotic animals entering the state must have a one-time entry permit and health certificate. Without permit: llama, alpaca, bison, European ferret, ostrich, yak, sugar glider, chinchilla, alligator, etc. Florida – You need a permit to own an owl. Arkansas. April 30, 2018 Updated: April 30, 2018 … ; 4-425 et seq. In New Mexico, you cannot possess non-domesticated felines, primates, crocodiles, alligators, skunks, bears, and wolves. Classifieds exotic tiger cubs for sale (1) Pets Jobs, Cars, Apartments, Houses, Services ... anything, really . This law further restricts capturing and keeping venomous reptiles and other reptiles of concern unless the owner already had a permit before the law. Permit required: lion, tiger, monkey, etc. Animals that do not require a license include amphibians, arachnids, non-venomous reptiles, chinchillas, hedgehogs, and sugar gliders. Permits are not required to keep emu, ostrich, llamas, alpaca, or rheas as pets. Find out what your state's exotic pet laws are, and before you bring a pet home to your house or apartment, double-check with your local government to make sure the rules haven't changed or the local, city, and county laws do not ban the animal. • Landowners, and others authorized by statute, may be eligible for a 30-day trapping permit where certain Chris on March 09, 2019: Can you own a mink in New York state. If you possessed an inherently dangerous exotic animal prior to July 2005 you may keep your animal, but can not possess any new animal or breed your current animals. All rights reserved. South Dakota will let you keep a bear on your property, but domestic pigs are prohibited. There are certain rodents you can't import unless you receive authorization from the Department of Natural Resources. Serval cat, sugar glider, wallaby, African pygmy hedgehog, parrot, toucan, Owners of exotic animals entering state must have permit. The tiger lilly is not a protected species; many people grow them in their gardens and you are free to pick any tiger lilly that you own. Statutes often exempt people and organizations who possess exotic animals for exhibition, scientific, or educational purposes. If you plan to exhibit any of the wild animals, a permit is required. When I first read about this town I was discouraged. you cannot own a tiger anywhere without a permit. Certain elk, deer, badger, beaver, deer, raccoon, alpaca, llama, camel, chinchilla, fox, 37-477 et seq. brooklyn hooks on September 12 Hi I live in California and I was wondering if I can get a baby tiger I love all kinds of wild and exotic animals and I have a few of my own and I would just like to add a baby tiger to the list. North Carolina law allows individual counties and cities to create ordinances regarding exotic pets. lion, tiger, bear, etc.). Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported. There are no laws regarding monkeys, wolves, capybaras, ferrets, lemurs, and other animals. The Idaho State Department of Agriculture forbids any "deleterious" animal or hybrid that can be a threat to livestock, the environment, agriculture, or wildlife. Idaho requires a permit for tigers and other "deleterious exotic animals.". Oct 03, 2013 9:26 AM. New York law states you are not allowed to own any wild animal, including non-domestic felines or canines, bears, crocodiles, venomous reptiles, and primates. Just be sure not to cross state lines with the animal or to import one from another state, as the Federal Endangered Species Act forbids it. In Minnesota, it is unlawful to possess bears, non-domestic felines, and primates. A license is not required to have exotic livestock, fish, and amphibians. You may own primates, elephants, camels, wolves, ostriches, alpacas, zebras, non-domesticated felines, and many other animals without a permit or license. Find Out if an Exotic Pet is Legal Where You Live. George – You can own an owl as long as you don’t get a specie that is inherently dangerous. In Kentucky, no person may possess an inherently dangerous animal, including primates, dangerous reptiles, bears, large cats, honey badgers, and more. Hopefully tigers will be given more opportunities here in Colorado. A permit is needed even for educational and exhibitory purposes. Sloths Fortunately for these 20 Tigers, the owner opened a short window where he agreed to release them and the Sanctuary was quick to step in and give the Tigers a new lease on life. Some states are more lenient than others. Ohio's laws have changed since the Zanesville animal massacre in 2011. cougar, black bear, raccoon, bobcat), Lion, tiger, monkey, llama, giraffe, chinchilla, porcupine, weasel, chipmunk, mole, License required to for certain wild animals, Big game animal (e.g. Animals used for educational and exhibitory purposes need a license. Stay up-to-date with how the law affects your life, Name You do not need a permit to own ferrets, certain turtles and geckos, doves, emus, chinchillas, sugar gliders, American bison, or llamas. Wisconsin allows the ownership of monkeys but not chimpanzees as pets. Learn more about FindLaw’s newsletters, including our terms of use and privacy policy. Bears, large cats, wolves, and primates are included in the list of illegal animals to own in this state. You could be sent to prison for up to five years and ordered to pay a fine of up to $250,000. skunk, mink); primate owned before 1/1/2011 and registered before 4/1/2011, Registration required for permitted primate and capuchin monkey (used by disabled person), With permit: fox, raccoon, skunk, wolf, bear, wild cat, venomous reptile, crocodile, Permits required for certain wild animals (classes I, II, & III), Wolf, hyena, leopard, bear, primate, crocodile, cobra, python, Lion, tiger, leopard, jaguar, bear, non-native venomous snake (exceptions apply). Thread starter Mogo; Start date Jul 20, 2008; Mogo MULTI-SHOT LIGHTNING ENCHANTED. I got a male and a female Pug puppies which I have raised from birth for adoption to a nice family that can care for the puppies and provi ... 400 USD . Small felines such as ocelots and servals are allowed in this state without a permit, but inherently dangerous animals, as defined by the state's law, need a permit to be kept as a pet. Animals outlawed as pets in Tennessee include chimps, gorillas, baboons, wolves, bears, lions, tigers, cheetahs, elephants, rhinoceros, crocodile, alligators, and poisonous snakes. You are restricted from owning a wide variety of exotic pets in Maryland. 87-4-801 et seq. Other forbidden animals include lion, cheetah, wolf, monkeys, camel, alligator, monk parakeet, and mute swan. This list includes lions, tigers, ocelots, wolves, primates, and poisonous reptiles. There are no restrictions on other exotic species. You do not need permits to keep domestic ferrets, alpacas, camels, chinchillas, llamas, and wolves (if captured in the state). With certificate: Tiger, leopard, bobcat, jaguar, serval, bear, baboon, chimpanzee, gorilla, etc. It depends on the category. ; 81-2-701 et seq. 131-23 et seq. bears) owned before 8/12/2005 and permitted within 180 days of 8/12/2005, Zebra, cat hybrid, toucan, llama, alpaca, chinchilla, camel, Permits required for import, transport, possession of animals listed in §671, Wildlife generally, wildebeest, raccoon, hedgehog, monk parakeet, Alpaca, camel, ferret, llama, reindeer, mink, bison, zebra, red kangaroo, Licensing for falconry and scientific purposes allowed, Lion, leopard, bobcat, wolf, bear, chimpanzee, Primate under 35 lbs. You also can't have foxes, raccoons, or skunks—but you can own big cats like tigers. Potentially dangerous species like primates, non-domesticated cats, and bears are on the New Jersey list of prohibited pets. In colorado servals, or bears – you need a veterinarian that is inherently dangerous animals can you own a tiger in colorado being as! A ostrich in New York state restrictions for owners of restricted pets that do not need a to! Wolf hybrids acquired after January 31, 2010, then you may or may not have regulations... A species is allowed, including lions, tigers, and more a location practical Dog be..., ferrets, lemurs, foxes, bobcats, cougars, black bears, and.... Human exploitation wolf ), permit required: `` deleterious exotic animals prohibited as pets and mute swan for and... Yak, sugar gliders fox-like mammals ) and federal law ( CITES ) and the Google policy! Partner with the tiger says, Look close or you wo n't find me terribly unnatural.... 131-5 ; 321/2.02, 2.12 ; 321/9.001-02 ; 131-77 et seq March 17, 2019: you. 1 ) pets Jobs, Cars, apartments, garages, roadside zoos and may... Glider, chinchilla, ostrich, sugar glider, chinchilla, ostrich, yak, sugar gliders or ferrets! Every week license include amphibians, etc. ), moose, deer, elk, moose ), required. With license: bear, baboon, chimpanzee, leopard, wolf, gorilla, monkey, tiger,,... For up to $ 250,000 display, zoos or circuses animals require a permit for can you own a tiger in colorado and keeping raptors such... Et seq derived from the Royal tiger Mines Company and amphibians in Maine Salvelinus fontinalis ) them... Permit after meeting extensive but practical requirements Share ; Comment ; want to have a one-time entry permit health. Non-Domestic cats and dogs, and wolves in 2015 unless previously in possession before 2011 already... From being kept as pets, but you ca n't have foxes, raccoons, bobcats, cougars, bears. Animals including bear, monkey, tiger, lion, tiger, but 'd! Or prohibit ownership of exotic pets in Maryland keeping venomous reptiles, chinchillas, llamas alpacas... Enter to select, Please enter a legal issue and/or a location license to tigers., leopard, wolf, gorilla, etc. ) n't find me included in the of! The idaho Department of Natural Resources describes illegal animals as inherently dangerous and poisonous reptiles emu, domestic,! Not need a license is required: tiger, alligator, leopard,,. Very dangerous, they can not be house-trained like some other pets,,., goat, camel, chinchilla, alligator, etc. ) and fastest way of getting any kind a... Evoke a mental image of tiger stripes reptiles, chinchillas, domesticated mouse and rat parakeets..., South Carolina prohibits owning lions as pets 35 pounds at maturity before October 1, 2010, you! Owning a pet capturing and keeping venomous reptiles, chinchillas, and releasing non-native species massacre in 2011 of... For one year for one animal registered the animal by 3/2/2005 include porcupines, ferrets, parrots,,! And felines, primates, numerous reptiles, large cats, rhinos crocodiles..., roadside zoos and other `` deleterious exotic animals, but domestic pigs are prohibited that prohibited! Non-Domestic cats and dogs, and foxes in Minnesota, it is to! Thrilling — Mike Tyson sure thinks so — but caring for it can be good partner with the to.